About Lyn

Lyn Brown grew up in a small rural town in the south of New Zealand where her grandparents encouraged Lyn’s love and belief of natural healing and self-help healing.

Her philosophy on healing is that we are spiritual energetic Beings having a human experience. Therefore, if we realigned ourselves energetically and with spirit, we can experience the desired healing outcome we seek as we empower ourselves with self-help healing knowledge and love.

Lyn’s grandparents used intuition, energy, and concoctions made from what nature provided. There was no fanfare—they worked with what they had. Through this, they developed a knowingness that Lyn believes we all have instinctively. This is what Lyn offers, along with various treatments  including Bowen Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Emotional Freedom Techniques at her clinic.

Having studied different healing modalities over many years, Lyn uses whatever she feels are the most effective treatments for her clients at the time, allowing them to also make choices in regard to which treatment they prefer.

Lyn has a warm persona which makes you feel immediately at ease in her company. The work she does is a pleasant and effective experience, and is suitable for all age groups.